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Did you know?? Details about My Blazers...

Did you know?? Details about My Blazers...

Did you know....??? Some details about my blazers....

Designed by ME…Cindi. The C is for Cindi

They are manufactured in a factory in Toronto

All have their names embroidered on the left inside lining

Their names match their unique “personality”

My signature is embroidered on the inside right side

We are proud to be Canadian Made, so a Maple Leaf is embroidered on the inside right side of the lining

They are boyfriend blazers…. meant to be oversized…. our sizes are generous

Usually customers are a size smaller that what they might think

Sizes are XXS-Xl…fitting sizes 0-22

I come up with a name or a theme and then search out suitable lining and buttons…sometimes it works the opposite. I find buttons or fabric and then come up with a name

We call them “Blazers With A Personality”

Most blazers have a small item embroidered on the lower rear portion to match their “personality”

I only put something on the back if it makes sense…

The ones without anything on the back are: 

               “You Jane” 

                “Nip &Tux” 

                “Walk On The Wild Side” 

                “Out Of The Blue”

               “A Stitch In Lime” (but has lime green top stitching)

               "And All That Pizzazz" (but has fuchsia top stitching)

               "Put it All on Red" (but has red top stitching)

All embroidery is done back in my hometown (Medicine Hat), and I am in constant contact with them, as they are doing it…to make sure we don’t end up with hockey sticks on the back of  “Out Of The Blue” :) 

“Olive Another” also has olives embroidered coming out of the breast pocket

All blazers come with a matching, removeable pocket square and scarf. Wear the blazer with or without

Wear the scarf many ways…in your hair, tied through the belt loops of your jeans, inside the blazer, outside the lapels, looped around the handles of your purse, tied around your neck (or leave it at home) 

Most of the buttons are Swarovski crystals (except for 2 cloth buttons and 2 rhinestone ones)

“Time Flies” has cloth buttons

“Horsin’ Around” has cloth buttons

“Nip & Tux” has rhinestone buttons

“Tickles My Nose” has rhinestone buttons

They look great with jeans, leggings, short black skirts, Little Black Dresses, capris, even longer shorts. And for a change try white bottoms, or a patterned dress

I designed one especially for Ellen DeGeneres “Sole Mates” (with her oxford shoe lining and an oxford shoe on the back) and sent it to her! I haven’t heard anything from her…did she even receive it? ☹

When we go to the factory, we must do 100 blazers…we can’t just make one

We just received another shipment from the factory with some new ones and also restocking some of the favourites 

So far there are 32 different names, with a whole bunch of new ideas in my head

The black crepe fabric is 70% polyester, 25% rayon and 5% spandex

The lining is polyester

They must be dry cleaned (because of the embroidery and the buttons)

They all come on a wooden hanger and a “by the C” embroidered fabric garment bag

I launched on July 11, 2016 with a cocktail party and models walking through the crowd showing all the details and different ways to wear them

A “C” hangs from a silver chain sewn in the neck. It’s the same “C” in our logo

The “C” is ME….

I hope you love them as much as I do. They are a labour of love, as I am very much involved in every little detail of every blazer

I am just a phone call or an email away…if you have any questions at all 😊

Cell 403-548-5491

Showroom/WEARhouse – 403-504-0383

Email –

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