Q: Do the blazers fit true to size?
A: My blazers are boyfriend blazers, so they are generous fitting. Usually, I recommend a size smaller than you think you would be. I love to chat with my customers and together we can decide on a size. 
Q: Can you wash the blazers? 
A: Absolutely NOT! The buttons are very special (often Swarovski crystal) and do not like to be washed. Also, the embroidery could pucker in the washing machine. So dry clean only, please. And because they are blazers, they really don't get too soiled, so after you wear it hang it outside (not in the sun) to air it out. I do suggest taking your scarf off while eating spaghetti. :)  
Q: Do you make the blazers?
A: That's a hard NO! I design them, but they are manufactured in a factory in Toronto. Being made is Canada is very important to me. 
Q: Are the pocket squares and scarves attached?
A: No, they are both removable and the scarf can be worn many different ways.
Q: Are the blazers fully lined?
A: Yes, they are fully lined with luxurious lining. The sleeves may be worn down, to be full length, or rolled up for that fun pop of colour. 
Q: What should I wear my blazer with? 
A: Our blazers are versatile additions to your wardrobe and are meant to be worn with other items in your closet. They look fantastic with jeans, a T-shirt and high heels (or sneakers), a little black dress, leggings, capris and skirts. I am happy to have a consult with you and we can determine if an item in your wardrobe works or not.  
Q: Do all the blazers have an item embroidered on the backs? 
A: No, I only add that detail if it makes sense. For example, there is nothing on the back of 'Out Of the Blue," but there is a cloud on the back of 'Every Cloud Has A..." 
Q; How do I wear the scarf?
A: You can wear the scarf many different ways - under the lapels, inside hanging down, tied in a knot (like a tie), looped around your neck, around the handles of a handbag, as a belt through your jean loops, in your hair - or not at all. 
Q: Can I customize my own blazer?
A: No, because they are manufactured in a factory - large quantities must be ordered at a time - at least 100.
Q: What sizes do the blazers come in? 
A: Our blazers are available in sizes XXS-XL - fitting sizes 0-22. And remember, our blazers fit generous. 
Q: Do you have lay away available? And how does it work?
A: We sure do. You put a deposit down and make payments. We hold the item (or items) here until it is paid for. We do not charge interest and there is no structured payment plan. Pay when you can. 
Q: Do you have any other products? 
A: Yes! We carry lots of great items. We have silk scarves, tote bags, necklaces, greeting cards, watches, make up bags, T-shirts and many more fun things. Plus, new things are coming all the time. I really love working with other women entrepreneurs and designers to help showcase their products. 
Q: How do you come up with the names for the blazers? 
A: Sometimes I find fabric or buttons and then come up with a name that suits the fabric or buttons. Sometimes ideas just come to me - day or night! I always have a note book close by to jot down my ideas. Sometimes I have fabric I like, but I can't come up with a name, so I drive around with the fabric on my dashboard and sometimes a name comes to me. My husband Dale is also great with names. Friends and family also sometimes give me ideas - sometimes not great ones. HAHA! :) 
Q: How big are the items embordered on the backs of the blazers?
A: They are approximately 2" x 2."