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Lovely Letter from a Lovely Customer

Lovely Letter from a Lovely Customer

I received this letter awhile back and just wanted to share it with you. I love how Marsha describes our blazers...Cinderella indeed! 

Dear Cindi,

I wanted to write you this letter to thank you for introducing me to by the C jackets. While Cinderella is indeed proof that a good pair of shoes can change your life, I would venture to counter that having a by the C jacket makes everyday life iconic, one delightful jacket at a time.

by the C boyfriend jackets are perfect day-to-night attire for the everyday professional woman. Unlike the RTW (ready to wear) suits in the market, your jackets are truly designed to fit a woman’s curves without compromise! These jackets are chic yet comfy and absolutely fun to wear --  your  attention to quality design, fabric and manufacture puts by the C jackets a notch above every other brand name jacket I’ve ever owned (and likely every will).  Where do I start?

  • The inner lining of these jackets feel like butter on your skin, so you can keep cool and smile like a million bucks when everyone else in the room is sweating buckets!
  • The classy fabric used on these jackets are top-of-the line in apparel wear, absolutely A-grade fabric which is wrinkle-free and travel-friendly. I’ve packed even three of these jackets in a small luggage and wore one just a few hours after landing without need for steaming or dry-cleaning!
  • The versatility of design is just absolutely divine – I can wear my jacket for work meetings straight to evening cocktails without missing a beat!
  • And of course, these intentionally understated jackets will never scream for attention in a crowded room – after all every by the C jacket is midnight black. And yet, not just a black jacket. Because these jackets have bring the bazinga bling! with the exuberant brilliance of Swarovski buttons that can light up any affair with all the fireworks a hard-working gal might need. Indeed, my by the C jacket is a conversation piece in every professional mixer, event and celebration that I attend.

There are truly not enough words to describe how I feel about the by the C jackets I own. As a lawyer and single woman, my by the C jackets are my favorite mainstay apparel in my ever changing wardrobe. Thank you for having the vision and tenacity to launch by the C and bring these thoughtfully tailored jackets to my doorstep (minus the pumpkin chariot and pointy wand).



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