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Why Blazers?

Why Blazers?

I am often asked why I started a company designing blazers?? I LOVE blazers! That's the easy answer! I really do love wearing blazers and I couldn't find I started designing ladies boyfriend blazers. When you put on a nice, good quality blazer, you feel like you can conquer the world (or at least the day.) You definitely feel more dressed up wearing a blazer. Throw a blazer on with anything and you look and feel more put together. Even wearing our blazers with jeans and a T-shirt, you look chic and polished! 

All the blazers I have ever purchased, I have always had to have the sleeves shortened or roll them up. Usually, I just rolled them up...but the lining was always so boring! So, when I started my designing process, I knew they would all have wonderful linings that you could show off when you roll up your sleeves (all my blazers are fully lined). But you can also wear your sleeves down for a different look. All by the C blazers come with a matching, removable scarf and pocket square, so you can wear them many different ways. 

When I travel I just take a few blazers, some black tops (and some colourful ones), black pants, a basic black dress (or two) and some jeans and I am good to go (if only that's ALL I actually took, but that's all I need!) I always wear one on the plane too.  

And my by the C blazers are so much fun to wear! They have so much personality. That's why we call them "Blazers With a Personality"! I am always stopped by people when they notice that I have a dots or a clock or wings or a cat's face on the back of my blazer! Talk about a conversation piece! 

Even on bad days when you feel uggg (we have all had those days) blazers are boyfriend blazers (not meant to be done up, but of course can be), but they just feel great slipping one on! They are very comfortable. 

Crazy....but when I was in grades 8 and 9, I used to go through my mom's closet and find blazers that I could wear. I have a young, cool mom and she always had amazing clothes, so I would wear her blazers...even to school. That's how much I love blazers and even waaaaaay back then!

So, why blazers?? Why not??

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